Conveyor Rollers | Plastic Roller

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  • Excellent wear-resistant and high strength HDPE materials provide the optimal solution to roller failure caused by corrosion and humidity.
  • Patented distinctive multi labyrinth seal can block the dust and moisture from entering the bearing even further.
  • Light weight and low rolling resistance feature can reduce the energy consumption of equipment up to 30%. Meanwhile, the product is much safer and more convenient to change.
  • Good self-cleaning and extremely low coefficient of friction feature will reduce the materials leakage and wear on the conveyor belt effectively.
  • The operation noise dramatically reduced by 10dB compare with steel rollers.
  • Anti-static and UV-resistant properties meet International Standards.
  • Sizes are interchangeable with existing steel rollers.

Conveyor Rollers

Conveyor Rollers | Plastic Roller Products

At Prime, we specialise in customer solutions by providing all size of Conveyor Rollers and Plastic Roller for various material handling applications.  Our Australian clients have enjoyed high personalised and cost effective conveyor rollers products.


Roller Diameter (mm) Bearing No. Suitable Belt Width (mm)
89 6204 400-2400
102 6204/6205 400-2400
108 6204/6205 400-2400
114 6204/6205 400-2400
127 6204/6205/6305/6206 400-2400
133 6204/6205/6305/6206 400-2400
140 6205/6305/6206 400-2400
152 6305/6206/6306/6207 400-2400
159 6306/6207/6308 400-2400
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