Impact Bars | Conveyor Impact Bar

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Impact bar is the combination of rubber, metal frame (steel or aluminum) and UHMWPE material using special heat vulcanization process. Low friction impacts bars are used in the conveyor loading points or transfer points to replace traditional cushion rollers. They are designed to absorb high impact loading and help eliminate spillage and scattering of the products. This results in less wear and tear on your conveyor system, dramatically improving the efficiency of the conveyor system and reducing the maintenance costs.

Impact Bars | Conveyor Impact Bar

Our impact bars are used to protecting the items avoid damaged at the loading points, which can keep the belt stable.

  • Features
  • 1. Impact bars distribute evenly under the conveyor belt, therefore, absorbing the impact loading evenly to minimize the damage to the belt.
  • 2. High elastic rubber layer absorb maximum impact to protect conveyor belt.
  • 3. Effectively reduce materials spillage from loading.
  • 4. Extremely low friction coefficient UHWMPE top surface significantly reduce the friction force and heat with the conveyor belt, and protect the belt for longer service life.
  • 5. “T-Slot” extruded metal frame is precisely fitted with the T-bolts along the entire impact bars.
  • 6. Also available in Fire Resistant and Anti-Static (FRAS) impact bars which complied with MDG3608, AS1334.10 and MT 113-1995 standards. Suitable for underground application.

Technical Specifications

Metal Flame Type

P38 Metal Frame Type


Impact Bar Size Table

P38 Impact Bar Size
Length A(mm) Width B(mm) Height H(mm) Thickness H2(mm)*
1220 100 50~100 12.7/15
1400 100 50~100 12.7/15
1524 100 50~100 12.7/15
1600 100 50/75/100 12.7/15
1800 100 50/75/100 12.7/15

12.7mm applies to Normal Application 15mm applies to Underground Application.

P38 Impact Bar T-Bolt
  • Note :
  • 1. T-Bolt Set include M16 Square Head Bolt, M16 Flat Washer, M16 Spring Washer and M16 Nyloc Nut.
  • 2. Square Head T Bolt M16X40, M16x50 and M16X60 are our standard sizes; longer length T bolts are also available on request.


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